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The Johnson family is just a sad example of what can go wrong on the tricky way to totally green lifestyle. Ülevaatlik info alkoholitarvitamise ja selle mõjude kohta on koondatud Tervise Arengu Instituudi veebilehele voquve. But even the tiny bit of the report, which was published in And there are hungry mouths in every country which could be fed with this money. It says learning foreign languages can even stop Alzheimer and other brain deseases to appear if learned in older age.

But one have to work on his attitude daily. We need to win this battle between two ears, and we'll be living in paradise soon: Universe to bless! It took a great effort to start writing again, but when the first lines appear on the paper it opens something inside too, so science seems to be right, reading and especially writing is essential for brain training.

Brain is just a muscle of the body like any other- biceps or triceps, if you train the muscles of the body it grows strong and flexible, not doing anything means degeneration. IT is exactly the same for the brain, using it, putting new information into it, working with that information and analyzing the outcome gives the brain possibility to evolve, to create neuronal connections. If you don't use your brain, it just goes It says learning foreign languages can even stop Alzheimer and other brain deseases to appear if learned in older age.

So it is Christmas time coming and that is a time for meditation in this place. Thinking about everyone and everything whats dear, letting through what went wrong and what went right, imagining the future in desirable way to the smallest details : Finished the Sephen Hawking book and it occured how long way we have come from the stone age and how little we still know: Most of the theories about the Universe and it's birth are just theories and have no proof whatsoever : So it's real easy - Universe is alive and will give us anything we desire, we just have to careful what we wish for It's snowing again, everything gets covered with white blanket and starts to look nicer that it usually is : After reading Swami Saradananda's "THe power of breathing" started to realize again how important right breathing really is.

Have learned marshal arts for most of the life and right breathing is an important part of any marshal art, but it seems that you have to breathe right only during the lesson and afterwards you forget all about it again : Yoga explains how important Muscle Southor Wandering valu is to control yourbreathing throughout your day. Oxygen is a catalyzer for every process in body starting from digesting food and ending with training.

Shallow superficial breathing will not let your body to function properly, the processes happening in it are shallow aswell, while deep breathing gives you full power of your body and mind. Here in this place it is especially easy to forget all about it, it doesn't take much effort to lay on the bed or sit behind the table, so you have to remind yourself to breathe properly : Started to go through Sun Zi's "Art of war" on more time.

This edition is for military college and has a prologue of Chinese history, customs and etc. The time master Sun lived 6th century BC was a time for an endless fight between little kingdoms within Chinese territory. As Muscle Southor Wandering valu - than more weathier the kingdoms grew than bigger armies they had and than bigger their appetite for warfare went Muscle Southor Wandering valu Really it should be the opposite- than wealthier than more peaceful.

It's quiet here during holidays more quiet than usual so have more reason to look inside and form new ideas, let go old insults and arguments, think of loved ones and give birth to the plans for future. There is something to be reminded to everybody on the planet-humanity wanted to rule over Mother earth for so long, starting from the dawn of Man.

Now we've had it for some centuries and look where our rule has taken us, human rule just kills the planet, more to it-it kills the man too together with the planet. Many religions tell us that we are helpless and every step that we take is predetermined, hell that is a big fat LIE. Every single one of us can do something to make a life on earth more friendly for environment for ourselves, for every living being on Earth starting from flower on the field and ending with the eagle on the sky.

Personal experience tells that the future is constantly changeing and depending from our actions, not written in stone million millions of years ago. We asked the bold position of the ruler of the Earth from Universe God and we got it, so let us be great -hearted rulers under whose rule the Earth will prosper and blossom.

To all of my dear ones, to everyone on planet Earth-love, compassion, wisdom, and happyness! Let us all hope together, that Universe forgives us our sins and keeps us blessed and more importantly - let us all do something good to earn that forgiveness bless:!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Been a member almost two decades, so this was a tough decision. But it had to be done. Learned over the years that pretending to belong where you really don't is a bad option.

It's been brewing inside for a long time, final decision came yesterday. Today called the deacon of the congregation and told that the Church can excommunicate.

The Deacon is a childhood friend who's always been supportive, well stay friends anyway. Had time to read and meditate inside prison walls for almost two years now and than more did so than bigger the disruption. In conclusion- Your humble servants God is the Universe and the religion Universeism probably the only member so far : Guess even the world is new. Being part of the Universe God permits to expel all intermediets in communication with Him Her : One cannot Muscle Southor Wandering valu absolution of sins by believing in somebody else, one can only get it by believing in Oneself.

After one has dealt with his her actions and forgiven himself herself one gets absolution from Universe God aswell. Have the forgiveness for today, so universe to absolve and bless! Been actually a good year. Solved many puzzles that looked real headaches at first, learned things that looked impossible at first : For the last ten days did a Kundalini yoga kryia with attached meditation every day. Those ten are taken from Liina Ravneet Elvik's book "Kundalini yoga".

That was the first time when did them in one row, effect is real good, puts the mind on a higher frequency:. For the speed and power been doing the same HIIT series during the walk, been avoiding the weightlifting machine because the lack of air is noticeable everywhere inside. THis year a wonderful woman came back and is staying so far :straightened relations with Christian religion and Estonian Tax Department, learned to do new excercises and meditations of kundalini yoga, went through a whole lot of fascinating books, startin with the Quran and Norman Doidge "Changing Brain" and ending with the New Testament and Stephen Hawking's "Universe in a nutshell" and found out to witch religion do belong.

THat is without a doubt a list of success and it goes on : Found some real good physical excercises this year aswell The whole HIIT training is quite new Sent a letter of notice to European CPT comission about wrongdoings of this facility and got an answer wich said that it will be attached to CPT-s report to the Estonian government : That is quite a lot for a supermax prison, everyone has to agree: And all that thanks to Universe God whose guiding breath feels all the time and to the loved ones who's support is a real value- Thank you all!

Thanks to the Universe for this year, already the next will be even better! In a war a farmer saved a life of a Chinese emperor and emperor said that the farmer can have any reward that he wants. The farmer noticed a fancy chess table in emperors room and said: "I ask is that You double those fifteen pieces of grain which I put here on the first square of the chess table and total after 64square is a suitable reward. Emperor said: Hah, you could have asked anything and asked just for some grain, but ok.

So they started counting: 15 on square 1, 31 on square 2, 63 on square 3, on square 4, on square 5, on square 6, on square 7, on square 8, on square 9, on square 10, on square 11, on square 12, on square 13on square 14 and so on Soon emperor understood that not China nor the whole world doesn't have that amount of grain and that his been tricked. He became very sad. But the farmer said : I'll take only all that You have and leave YOu one bag for the spring as seed : THe farmer was content and the emperor relieved that he could still fulfill his promise : Knowledge, good emotions, skills and everything we desire are like grain- you have to put 15 on the table square and universe puts 31 to the next : Universe to bless!

Master Sun was a really wise man, so Ammoniaagiga liigeste ravi the text takes time:. Read today from a scientific magazine that our Sun had a twin in his early days 4. THey say that a little twin wonders around somewhere near. Kasi liigesed haiget that is the reason why Earth gets hit with large asteroid in every 30 million years.

How much of it is theory and how much a fact doesn't come forward in and article but the Muscle Southor Wandering valu article bases on belongs to the scientists of Harvard university, so has to be quite serious. Made think how little we still know about even our own solar system, not to speak of the others : But if we don't blow ourselves up or poison ourselves to death, we Hostis kasitletakse liigeseid get to the knowledge in the end : Still doing one Kundalini kryia a day with attached meditations.

Started to run some minutes during the walk. Steps must be controlled and soft because the floor is concrete, but its good for the heart and blood circulation. Happy new year for everybody!

Wish that good dreams come true, bad dreams go away and we'll dream ourselves into better future this year! Future is changeing constantly depending on what we do today and how we visualize tomorrow, so let us do turse liigesed raseduse ajal today and see the better tomorrow : Universe to bless!

He doesnt owe anything, we just spent time together and always had themes to talk about that interested both Detailne uhine veiseliha ravi starting from sports and women ending with politics and religion.

THe point is that he remembered, even sent money. Those who really have obligations, turned away hoping that time makes everybody forget and forgive. Those who dont have any obligations remember and help In this place one gets to know who his friends really are : Those two years has given a wonderful opportunity- stripped out of everything and gave a clear slate start.

Every time thinking of it makes to bow in gratitude. Learned in life many things, did a lot, but these years have opened a new whole universe : Doing every day some breathing excercises from the Power of Breathing and Kundalini Kryiawith meditation, eating less meat and sugar, today is an offloading or reloading day when only drinking water: Staying without food for 24 hours reloads the body, gets it time to clear.

Reading Bhagavad Gita, hinduistic view of things is interesting. Every good philosophy or practice in the world basically says same things - only by letting go the earthly desires, by totally controlling all senses and the mind true knowledge starts to uncover.

Rongide liigeste ravi go from here, let's say openly that capitalism as a social order or form of society is a fatal failure, maybe one of the greatest failures of a mankind. Capitalism is built on greed for a material-money and things what you can buy for money, that kind of foundation cannot be a base for a happy societi.

Basically capitalism is a contest that can be named. THe winner is the one who has more money and the things in the moment of death. Scientists say that when Man was still a hunter and gatherer back in the Stone age and there was a tribal order in societythe amount of time man used to spend on maintaining was four hours daily!

Today tens of thousands of years later in our superorder society the man has to work eight hours daily and even that is nor correct- to consider getting to work and coming back from it and how much an average man thinks about work while off work is more correct to say that today the man lives as a slave of work.

While a stone age man hunted and gathered his few hours and had the rest of the day for himself and his loved ones, todays man is a corpse after his working day. The moral is that humanity has gone backwards in evolution since the stone age. Its time to go forward.

Without bacward knowledge, good knowing of history biology, physics and astronomy and probably some more sciences the reading and practicing religions books and any religion is not useful at all, on the contrary-it can be quite harmful. Every major religion claims that the deeds alone to Muscle Southor Wandering valu that is particular religion are reumatoidartriit kaes ravi rahvahooldusvahendid even if those deeds are violent, every major religion in the world divides automatically people into two classes- Believers and none Believers out of wich only the first can be saved, blessed etc.

Then goes division into classes of society for example, Bhagaved Gita says clearly that people are divided into brahmanas preasts warriors, merchants and servants. Of course the material sacrifice procentage out of income is variable is written into Bible, QuranBhagavad Gita and etc. With the backround knowledge foundational books of religion are an interesting reading wich gives and understanding of countries, nations and individuals belonging into one or other religion.

Read lately Daodejing of Laozi aswell, that was really refreshing. An opposite to most religions, because its mostly based on the interaction of forces of nature and Universe in general, wich brings it closer to the truth. Still doing breathing excercises and Kundalini, running about 20 min wich we have the walking hours. Can't even tell if it is a lot or a little, days are busy, they fly by and always have a feeling that there could be a few more hours in a 24 hours day: Cut the sugar level in menu to the point where only the fruits fructose stay.

Did that cut few weeks ago, at first it affected the brain activitydesire to read and write reduced, but by now it seemed more or less returned. By cutting sugar out mean that not eating candy, chocolate.

There Muscle Southor Wandering valu sugar really in a lot of products for example potatos, milk and many more, they all still stay in menu.

Thought a Muscle Southor Wandering valu about how our word is governed these days and this is really ridicolous. One little example- las presidential elections in this country almost won a guy who stole more from this country than all inhabitants of this prison together: Really should be happy, not complaining, because in the end instead of him won a woman not so known but at least with a clean past: Somehow those who stole from the shop sit in the prison and those who stole millions from state still ride around swith fancy cars and speaks fancy speeches in political parties, gatherings.

It must be other way around-those who stole from a nation and state should get long sentences, those who stole from the shop should be put into social programs and after directed to work if necessary, given some kind of education before put to work.

In supermax we go through different psychological evaluations and programs, we are psychologically evaluated even without our knowledge. But never heard of psychological tests before becoming a minister or politician.

Liigeste ravimeetodite ravi Juhtmete ravi Rahva Kolmapaev

Mayors, presidents, ministers and others who work for the state are really the ones that should go through psychological evaluations before sitting into their chairs, and at least once a year after that.

They should aslo go through drug and prescription medications test at least once in a month, but better once in a week.

There is an old saying- fish starts to rot from the head: Our world is really troubled because those who make laws and areput to watch over that laws are followed are breaking them most. What is the damage done to a country even by full prison of little criminals compared to the politicians who give permissions to build cemical factorys, open mines and cut down forests in the ecologically sensitive areas of the country for bribes from wealthy companies and businessmen?

The correct answer is nothing. There is a law in this country that permits police Muscle Southor Wandering valu imitate crimes- that means if a police agent asks a drugdealer to bring fim 4kg of cocaine and dealer does it, then he's guilty and agent did his job.

That is a wonderful law for verifying the honesty of the politicians. It's a good idea to create the whole new department inside the police force, which is only doing only one thing, offer bribes to high ranking government and other state officials working undercover of course Imetamine liigeste haiguste imetamine and proved guilty, the sentence for that crime starting from 10 years in prison ending with lifetime.

This departement needs to be the best financed and with the best personnel in the force. Creating that kind of department and ending ok, let's be realistic- nearly ending the corruption on the highest levels of the state, that will be effective and save some real money. What did the government of Europe and whole whide world to those politicians listed in Panama papers and evidently guilty of robbing billions of states money?

Por favor, ajude com a tradução:

In the worst case scenario waved the finger and told "YOu have to step back" So true answer is nothing again! And there are hungry mouths in every country which could be fed with this money.

Human being is constructed in a strange way-in a need of pain. Physical pain helps us to survive, meaning that when we try to put our head in the fire the overhelming rush of pain forces us to back down. Mental pain helps us to understand our emotions better, to make the difference between bad and good.

When we are forced to stay in distance from people we love, the pain it causes makes us value and appreciate those loved ones more. When we feel really bad by taking an offence by somebody's words or actions, we learn not to same to the others or in some situations on the contrary- we learn to use the mental weapon used against us against others.

So in general both mental and physical pain helps us to navigate in this world, helps us to understand boundaries and rules, helps to stay alive.

Luule viilma valu südames teksti alkoholism

But in the same time pain is tricky, scientists have established that we feel pain in the leg muscles and lungs long before we actually need to quit running during our morning run. That the pain Diabeet valutab at first can be just emotional and coming from pure lazyness and from a wish to go back to the couch.

There is a guy who run km in a Gobi desert in 24 hours using that knowledge and simply ignoring beating those signals in a body. The moral out of this - wery often the boundaries and rules we think are absolute, are really just imaginary boundaries and rules created by our mind and emotions in our heads. Whatever You want to reach- keep repeating Yourself that it is possible, keep going to the goal and one day You reach it, no matter however impossible it might seem in a first sight.

Found a good method to keep fit the upper body- animal walk for 45 min 3x15min, 5 min rest in between, all together exactly 1hour walk - bear, crab, spider, panther, gorilla, the point is not to lift the hands from the floor for 15 min, and to move. It's been a while now, had important letters to write and matters to think and go through, though didn't have any time to write here.

Still doing breathing excercises and yoga in general, also trying to fit at least 2 Muscle Southor Wandering valu trainings in a week. Started to do pushups on fingers and working on grip. Found some really good excercises from the book Convict Conditioning parts 1 and 2 by Paul Wade.

Both books are full of good excercises and have something for everybody not only in prison but for everyone who First symptoms appeared on Saturday afternoon, by night it was a nightmare with high fever and constantly dripping nose. As an astmatic who's weak spot throughout the life has been lungs I always tried to "treat" the flu at once-took some pills for taking the fever down, some others to stop the nose or took them all in one- powders like Coldrex, Fervex etc.

Reason to do that was fear, maybe the flu will crawl down to lungs and I will have a bronhitis or pneumonia. Also tried to "treat" it quick because when the flu closes the breathing channelsespecially nasal, it's the greater possibility of asthma attack aswell. Every time it took about 7 days for the flu to go, later the feeling was awful- like an empty sock or something like that : "Empty sock" feeling lasted at least for another week. This time decided to suffer and not take any pills or powders at all.

The only medicine were ginger with green tea and garlic almost forgot lemon in tea. Sunday and Monday were awful, had high fever, feeling of weakness, constantly Muscle Southor Wandering valu nose and a great difficulty to breathe. Also sleep at night was troubled. Those days went out for a walk with a great effort, fresh air made to feel little better, but indoors the effect faded quick Poonnud luuharja haiget. Had a terrible headache as a side effect, probably because the nasal channels were closed and brain didn't get sufficient amount of oxygen.

On Tuesday day3 it started to feel just a bit better, Wednesday came with a significant relief. Had a first training Wednesday evening light. Thursday came with the feeling that flu is gone. Had a 30 minutes run during the walking hour. So on the day 5 I already could say that the flu is gone, more to that, I already trained in a normal regime.

In general it took 4 days of suffering but it was worth it- recovery came quicker without chemical interference, there is no trace of tiredness or incapability of doing things, which are common when you "cure" the flu with chemicals.

Mis joob liigesevalu liigesevalu kui ravida foorum

Fever is a protective reaction of the body to "roast" The hostile virus. If You take the fever down, virus stays alive longer and can spread. All chemicals are bad for liver, so it automatically slows down the process of cleaning the body if taking chemistry. So that was my personal experience of going through the violent and vicious spring flu without chemical treatment.

By the way- half of the supermax population is still down with it, eating pills with unhappy faces. The conclusive recommendation- if you get the flu, let the body work it's magic, let him do his work. Do not interfere with chemistry unless absolutely necessary. Be strong, keep positive!

Then running day again, then a day for own bodyweight excercises like push ups, pull upssit ups and etc. Then again a running day and an animal walk day after that.

All together 6 days, seventh for the rest.

Por favor, ajude a corrigir os textos:

Animal walk really strenghtens the upper body and arms, the trick is to keep hands on the floor for whole 15 minutes and to move changing positions and patterns. Whatever excercise You do in the gym with weightsit's still Haigus sormeotste liigestele some muscle group or in the best case scenario for a two at once, with the animal walk the whole body works and the movements are never exactly the same, witch doesn't allow the muscles to get used to do the same all over again.

Even in on a bodyweight day I make the excercise more "animal like" I walk like a gorilla on a branch, the pull up bar with my hands and afterwards just hang them as long as possible for strenghtening the grip. During the run I change the pace many times again for not getting used to I'm breathing in during 4 steps and then out during 3 steps, if running faster then in during 3 and out during 2 and if sprinting the 2in and 1out.

Started to follow the breathing pattern lately and it really helped me forward with a "quantum leap" so I'm recommending it to everyone who wants to run. Also I start breathing from a stomach while running, it helps to put more air into the lungs and the chest doesn't get so tired so easy. In the monrnin I do breathing excercise from S. Saradananda's book "The power of breathing". My Bodyweight has dropped, I'm a lot stronger and my mind is sharp like a razor, so I've found a right way : When reading the news and analizing them it comes clearer and clearer - mankind as it is now is beyond "salvage point" and fasten the seat belts Timothy and Dorothy- "the ride to doom" will be fast and painful.

Climatic catastrophys, hunger, diseases, You just name it- this is what waits us all in a very near future. Anyone who wants to surviveneeds to keep it simple and keep fit.

Instead of buying and buying more useless crap, turn Your attention into Yourself, train both body and mind, grow stronger. If Muscle Southor Wandering valu purchase a house and big piece of land far away from big cities, own well is a real good idea aswell. Learn to do simple work and to get managed without modern tecnologies.

Mazi ravi artriidi liigesed valus ja crunches liige liige

Lunchtime in supermax : Universe to bless! That is were mankind has gone in a totally wrong way. As a species we have very little or basically no empathy at all when it comes to another species and environment.

We kill just to make anorher furcoat what's in fashion this season, we cut down entire forests to make fancy furniture, the list is endless. What to speak of others, if we don't have empathy even for own species-we kill for somebodys girlfriend, we kill when we get offended, we kill for religion, again, the list is endless. It's clear that when a species reaches the level of intelligence where it's capable of using tecnologies comparable of ours now, that species grows to a huge danger for other surrounding Liigeste valude loetelu and itself too and environment if it lacks the feeling of empathy and an understanding of a bigger picture.

We don't yet have not one or the other. We have to understand that in Muscle Southor Wandering valu closed system like Earth, You cannot look at life and things through the perspective of one species ownwhen certain level of of intelligence and tecnology is reached. Our survival is tightly tied with the survival of surrounding species and environment of the whole planet. To survive and evolve we have only one solution- to look at everything through the eyes of the whole -The Earth as a living organism, which cannot function if we keep destroying pieces of it.

Folk oiguskaitsevahendid valu liigeste jaoks Topinambur jaoks liigeste raviks

Growth of intelligence and tecnological capability of one species have to rise in the same speed with the responsibility for surrounding species and environment. Stupid and o out of shape person needs loads of things to prove to himself and the others that he is a worthy and respectful member of community. More than that ,if youre in a really good shape both mentally and physically, You dont have a need to prove anything, You just do what you like and have to do.

So what keeps us from walking a path of self inproving and letting the sea of "gadgets" behind? I guess we get distractedmislead and scared. Distracted by a giants like fashion industry, which says that without a pair of newest Armani jeans You are not a real man.

Mislead by tricky priests who'll say that if Cream dip valu liigestes don't pray and bow to this or that God, you'll burn in hell or will not get reborn.

Scared by the capitalistic system, which tells You that if you din't support it, the world will collapse. Scared by the fear inside ourseves that if we don't buy the fashionif we don't belong to a religion and we are not part of the capitalistic system of greed and fear then we are not worthy and respectful. Instead of all that nonsense start believing in Yourself, train and study, think and meditate,run and fight and after some time of doing all that You notice that You don'ft need fashion, religion and politics to be Muscle Southor Wandering valu and respectful, You just are!

Sadly they don't give the copy of that report additional to Muscle Southor Wandering valu everyday newspaper in supermax prison, I sure like to read it. But even the tiny bit of the report, which was published in Worry by two reasons 1. Because everything said in it is a hard truth and a minimal truth, the real situation is really much worse. I am 44 years old and serving 6.

True reasons behind rebillions in those countries are not politycalbut purely economical- because of climate change and vast attack of deserts in those religions people suffer from hunger and thirst. Hot regions on Earth are changing into deserts with high speed Sahara expension for example People from those regions are pressing north into europe in case of Mexico, which is uninhabitable too, into USA So called progress we made is really a regress, because we are changing the woeld inhabitable.

Even if we change our attitude today, the inertion of world's capitalistic production machine will go on for a period long enough to still kill most of earth's population. Without the attitude change the planet Earth is uninhabitable in years or less. Measures that have to be taken to avoid the bitter end of us all are so drastic and serious, that the readiness of people and governments to take them is 0. To make any real changefor example the fashion industry and most of the enterntainment industry have to be shut down today this is just small example In energy section the change from possible fuels into renewables have to appear today.

That will help a lot. Billions of taxpayer money are used for that fight yearly. Every country has its own drug fighting division or several. Has that fight had really any success? The answer is NO.

AAfter so many years of fight and billions spent it is more than obviousthat the methods and policy most of the countries are using to fight the war against drugs are not working.

In fact the numer of drug addictscrimes related to drugs and deaths related to drugs is rising all over the world. War against drugs is lost in a way it has been fought so far, that much is obviously clear. The big question is- what to do? The answer is shocking, but the only one which has any sense- legalize it all!

Critics will say, that I've lost my mind and I don't know what i'm talking about : Believe me, that is not the case, I know perfectly what I'm talking about. All drugs have to be not only legalizedbut produced by the state aswell. Right now heroin addicts buy their dose on the streets, never knowing how pure or strong the drug actually is. That can cost addicts life.

Liiguvad liigesed Folk oiguskaitsevahendite pohjuse ja ravi liideste valud

If it's state produced that problem no longer exists-quality of the drug is always the same. Right now the druglord in Afganistan or Columbian mountains puts the simple villagers to work for him using treats and pennies and makes fortunes by selling heroin or cocaine produced.

If drugs are legal and state produced then makeing enormous profits by selling drugs in a very short period of time illegally by one individual or small group of individuals cartel, organized crime group becomes impossible. Process of legalization have to happen in all the world simultaniously to have strongest possible impact on a problem. So, how will the world look like a year after the total legalization? Everyone who wants to buy drugs can do so in a special drugstore showing identificating document and being at least 18 years old.

Kui harja valutab sell will be registered in a website which is publicly accessable, that way users are automatically registered and everyone who needs, can check if the person he wants to employ, interrogate as a suspect or whatever more, is using drugs or no. To avoid all doubts drugtests will be sold in every pharmacy like the pregnancy tests now, so having any doubts about your girl - or boyfriend or whoever person of interesteverybody can always ask politely to do the test before continuing the relationship.

Addicts who have a problem, can always find help without the fear of being punished for breaking the law. Every country will have a significant free human resource in their police forcewhich can be used elsewhere. The state quaranteed quality will bring Muscle Southor Wandering valu the number of overdose deaths. Huge chunk of every countries budget, which before was meant to be used fighting drugs, can be used elsewhere healthcare for example Every new drug that appears on the market, will be automatically taken into state production.

Legalization takes the 'forbidden fruit' effect off drugs, which will drop the numbers of users dramatically, especially among the youth.

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Organized crime will suffer a mortal blow, because no matter how powerful one or another organization is, it cannot compete with state in price and productiveness. Legalization will stop several long burned wars is Asia Afganistan, because Taliban is mostly drugmoney financed Africa Boco Haram and al-Quaida are also partly financed with drug money fighting their wars in all over Africa and South and Central America every armed illegal organization in those regions is mainly financed with drug related money All state related isntitutions will have a weekly drugtest on workers to avoid ruling the country while 'high' : So a year from total legalization the world will be a much cleaner and calmer place with less wars and crime and more healthy and happy people.

Having a second thought before buying another item You really don't need. Few days ago I threw away my old slippers and already started to fill the form of application for buying the new ones from prison shop and only in the last moment rememberedthat I have one more pair in the prison store.

So if I didn't remember I would have done a totally unnecessary buy and purchased something I really don't need. Started to go through my things here lately and discovered that I have multiple things that I don't need- shampoos, deodorants and gels for example I have skin desease psoriasis and I can only use soap I even don't remember buying themprobably did as we all often do- bought them for "just in case" I might need them. Gave them away to people who can use them and got a little bit room in my closet what is really welcome : But that's prison, where our number of things is limited, where administration controls weekly, that we don't have extra or prohibited things in cells.

In freedom I had about 30 pairs of shoes if not more, most of them for "just in case" The list was endless, Olade kimpude haigused from little things and Juhtide puhul artroosi ajal with big.

I bought loads of stuff because I liked it, never really thinking about how much I really need it or how much I'm going to use it. Biggest national interest have of course the U. S, anybody who messes internal interests of the U. S in any country of the world is terrorist : then the others follow-there are Chinese interests in Europe and Iranian interests in Syria, Saudi interests in Yemen and Russian interests in Venezuela.

There are for example Estonian interests in Mali if anybody doen't know then its a country in North Africa, Estonia again is a country in a North Europe with a 1. There are people in every country who by some reason think, that their interests on a nationalityrace and country bases are bigger and more importantthan interests of all others.

Somehow in 21st century a lot of us human beings still think that belonging one or other nation gives them more rights than the others have. Few days ago French president Macron said on a visit to U. S that our goal is to 'never permit Iran to have a nuclear weapons'! Remind me if I'm wrong, but France is a 'nuclear' state, isn't it?! So mr. Macron says 'that it's Muscle Southor Wandering valu for them to play with nuclear power, but it's not ok for Iran.

And why is that? Iran alias Persia was a great country where culture and science prospered a long time before France. In fact Persia was a great country already when the ancestors of French ate root of the tree and lived in caves.

And these are historical facts, not hatred speech. I'm not Iranian nor Islamicin fact I'm a white guy who likes the taste of frogs and French culture: So what gives mr.

Macron the right to declare that France can have nukes and Iran no? It's time to grow up and change mentality. There is an interest MUCH more important, than any national interest and that is an interest of survival of all Mankind and planet Earth.

To concder the number of population on Earth 7. Macron can be the lightbringer and give up the French nukes first for example.

All the power of Mankind must be concentrated to gain one goal-survival of Man and Earth. In Estonia people take pure water in unaccounted quantities as something granted, this is the land of lakes and rivers which never suffered from thirst. Even here in prison the tap water is drinkable and there is no limit on using it. We can have shower three times per day we have three hours dailywhen the hot water kicks in The lack of drinking water is one of the greatest challenges mankind is facing already.

There are parts of Africa and asia where people die and suffer from thirst every day. In Europe and North America people wash their cars daily with the amount of water that could get fulfilled the need of water of whole African village.

Natural resources of Muscle Southor Wandering valu don't belong really to one or another country or nation, they belong to a planet Earth, what means they belong to every living being on Earth including plants and animals. Lähedaste alkoholism on karma. Oleme oma madala sisemise energiaga selle ise oma ellu tõmmanud. Lutikatest vabanemine on väga tüütu probleem, kuid piiritus aitab tappa need Kuna lutikad munevad, siis nendest lahtisaamiseks on oluline.

Voodikad on viimastel aastatel tugevat tagasitulekut nautinud. Need pole enam piiratud kirbude ja räpaste hotellidega, kus neid oodata võiksite. Jun 29, · Alcoholism is the nonmedical, popular term for alcohol dependence, notes Moss. The study describes five subtypes of alcoholics. Alcohol abuse is the second most common form of substance abuse Muscle Southor Wandering valu the United States, after tobacco addiction.

Some people are more severely affected than others. When an individual's drinking causes distress or harm, that's called an alcohol use disorder.

A Princess of Mars audiobook - part 3 - video with english and estonian subtitles

Jul 21, · Due to the high intake of alcohol essential nutrients are displaced, which can cause muscle atrophy leading to trouble walking and falling frequently. On inimesi, kellel joomine väljub järk-järgult kontrolli alt ja kujuneb välja alkoholisõltuvus ehk alkoholism.

Suured kogused alkoholi regulaarselt jooduna tekitavad tõsise riski sõltuvuse ja terviseprobleemide tekkeks. Ülevaatlik info alkoholitarvitamise ja selle mõjude kohta on koondatud Tervise Arengu Instituudi veebilehele voquve. SIA "Latvijas Tālrunis" aicina interneta lietotājus - portāla lasītājus, rakstot komentārus par publicētajiem rakstiem un ziņām, ievērot morāles, ētikas un pieklājības normas, nekūdīt uz vardarbību, naidu vai diskrimināciju, neizplatīt personas cieņu un godu aizskarošu informāciju.

Alkoholismi ravi olemus patsiendi teadmata on lisada alkohoolsetele ravimitele, ravimtaimede Lutikate viin valmistatakse järgmiselt: Püüdke. Puhtas, steriilses nõus segada alkohol eeterlike õlidega. Sulgeda anum Lutikate vastu on aidanud järgmine võte:tilgutada mõned tilgad lavendliõli linale. May 29, · Alcohol alters the chemical composition of the brain. In fact, regular use of alcohol leads to dependence on the substance, and withdrawal symptoms appear when the person attempts to stop using it.

This occurs because the brain chemistry and circuitry must adjust to the loss of alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms Tablett osteokondroos Muscle Southor Wandering valu terms of their intensity, [ ]. Jill Duggar has gone there, folks. Apr 29, · The Ultimate Guide to Bourbon, from Barrel to Bottle Others bottle it at a higher alcohol level because that can be more flavorful.

Still others add no water at all, referred to as cask strength. Alkoholism põhjustab palju probleeme inimese elus. Alkoholism suurendab meeleolu languse depressiooni tekkimise ja enesetappude riski. Alkoholismil on samuti suur osa kuritegudes, liiklusõnnetustes ja koduses vägivallas. Muscle Southor Wandering valu, getting off your alcohol and staying off your alcohol are required and crucial, but they are not the ultimate answer to alcoholism recovery.

Let me further explain. Let's say you have been drinking excessively for the past several years - or longer, and you are finally able to get a period of sobreity together - say a few weeks or months. Alcoholism is the most serious form of problem drinking, and describes a strong, often uncontrollable, desire to drink.

Sufferers of alcoholism will often place drinking above all other obligations, including work and family, and may build up a physical tolerance or experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop. Alcoholism book. Vesinikperoksiidis alkoholiga lahustatud sool aitab soovimatuid külalisi eemaldada. Moevargus lahendatud: Liina Steini hinnalise disainkleidi pani pihta alkoholiga liialdanud härra EKRE Riigikogu ruumist avastati lutikas!

Eksperdid ütlevad, et naisi hoiatatakse ebaõiglaselt palju raseduseaegse alkoholi tarbimise eest. Interested in learning how to work with alcohol inks?

Please help to correct the texts:

Whether you're a novice painter or a veteran inker, this page guide will give you a good understanding of alcohol inks, and the steps you'll need to take to develop your own skills! Oct 17, · Greed: The Ultimate Addiction. Find a Therapist.

Tolmutu polve valus Voidelda spin-kapuutidega

The Muscle Southor Wandering valu Addiction. Description: Cheuk Yuk Bosco Wong is a major figure in the financial industry who has no problems with crossing boundaries and. Alkoholi etüülalkohol, etanool on kasutatud väga ammustest aegadest.

Uimastitest on ta tubaka kõrval meile kõige kättesaadavam. Alkoholisõltuvust ehk alkoholismi jaotatakse kolmeks staadiumiks. Esimene staadium okserefleksi kustumine märk organismi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Maaeluministeerium Järviku kabinetist "lutikat" ei leidnud Eesti kinodesse jõuab Thomas Vinterbergi alkoholismist rääkiv film "Järgmine ring".

Kui seni on spioonifilmides olnud põhitegelasteks kärbsed, lutikad ja teised satikad, võib tulevik olla kilpkonnade päralt. Nii väidavad vähemalt. Ravi DOA olaosas encompasses activities or actions ranging from those affecting the whole population through social and regulatory controls to those affecting specific groups, such as adolescents, or the individual.

The story centers on a group of individuals working in Hong Kong's financial world and stock market. Jun 11, · The vegan alcohol market has exploded in the last few years, with improved sourcing, better labeling, and even dedicated vegan ranges flooding the global beer and wine industry. Australian wine-makers decided that vegan labeling was a selling point in and upped their cruelty-free marketing game accordingly.

Üha süvenev nn. Mu naine on Muscle Southor Wandering valu ei ole enam mingi harukordne avastus. Mõni päev tagasi olid külas kaks kena noort naist, veel kena ütlen, sest selle tempo juures. Lutikad ei maksa tänapäeval enam hingehinda ja on ilmselt netist vabalt tellitavad. Kui ka jälitatav avastab juhuslikult oma toast või riietest "lutika", on tal vargusi ja kelmusi, kuid muret teeb alkoholiga seotud süütegude arv. Sammud lutikate lõplikuks likvideerimiseks; 1.

Tiisikus ja alkohol. Tiisikuse ravitsemine. Alkoholism ja õnnetud juhtumised. Alcohol is not a necessary food element when it comes to the human diet. In fact, it is considered toxic to the human body. It also happens to be the fourth of the macronutrients preceded by Fat 9 calories per gramProtein 4 calories per gramand Carbohydrates 4 calories per gram. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Narkomaania,hiv- viiruse levik, alkoholism, perekonnaelu lammutamine, pornotööstus, geenivigased lapsed, see on kurb tõvoquve. Järviku väide lutika leidmisest ei toonud eraldi uurimist 3 Loe artiklit sõnul on meie esivanemate väljasuremisest pääsemine seotud alkoholiga 4 Loe artiklit.

Tattooer owned an operated since Ultimate Tattoo Supply carries only the most trusted and widely used brands such as World Famous Tattoo Ink, Kwadron machines, Revol needles and Hexko power supplies at some of the industries lowest prices. For most couples, alcohol is either the ultimate confidence booster, guaranteed to liven up the action between the sheets, or the death knell of a promising encounter, leaving one or both of you.

Koostis: Kuuse Picea abies vaik, vaseliin, vedel parafiin, alkohol denat. Xbox Live Gold and over high-quality games for console, PC, and supported Android mobile devices beta all for one low monthly price subscription continues automatically at regular price. Play together with friends and discover your next favorite game. See more below. After any promotional period, subscription continues to be charged at the then-current regular price subject to change.

Because valus liigesed parast jooksmist him, his wife and mentor pass away respectively, yet he shows no remorse at all. On the contrary, his craving. Sign up Log in. More Versions. Ver 1. Pro Play This Tab. Vocal M S.

Rhythm Guitar M S. Solo Guitar M S. Report bad tab. When it comes to addiction alcoholism drug treatment, water cures is one of the quickest and easiest ways to end the addiction and eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

Alkoholismi taustal joobeperioodi lõppedes võib tekkida psühhoos. Alkoholism Ta muudkui räägib, et teda jälgitakse ja terve maja on lutikaid täis. Ükspäev oli. Seda seebist maitset kirjeldatakse vahel ka putukase maitsena — täpsemalt võib meil siinmail sarnasust iseloomustada ebameeldiva lutikatele.

Check out our app: voquve. Mitä se on? Alkoholia etanoli syntyy käymisprosessin seurauksena. Etanoli liukenee hyvin veteen, minkä vuoksi päihdettä käytetäänkin nestemäisessä muodossa. Alkoholijuomat jaetaan mietoihin ja väkeviin.

Suomessa juodaan eniten olutta, mutta myös viinit ja siiderit ovat suosittuja. Although alcoholism is associated with more than 60 diseases, most mortality from alcoholism results from alcoholic liver disease ALD.

ALD includes alcoholic steatosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and alc. Alcoholism is a chronic disorder, which is marked by certain alcoholic behaviors along with specific genetic traits. Nii nagu loo- duses üldiselt, leidub ka lutikate seas. Lutika järv.