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Make a personalized piece of artwork for your favorite Super Hero! Kirjutage meile 30 päeva jooksul pärast paki kättesaamist!

Personalized Father's Day gifts are sure to be treasured for years to come. Make him a One of a Kind mug! And surprise, surprise Chuck and I have yet to make hubby a gift or a card.

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I've been pretty sick lately, so I've totally been off the ball with crafts. Last year we made these super cute Father's Day Cards.

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This year Sorry hubby! But I still have a cute Father's Day card to share. This super-secret spy card would be great for older kids to make for dad.

This simple project is perfect for small children to make and comes together in just a few simple steps.

This easy to make Mother's Day craft for kids is the perfect homemade keepsake to give to mom or grandma. Use Shrinky Dinks to create a DIY initial and headshot keychain - they're simple to make but totally unique. Anyone can make them, from toddlers to teens.

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Instead of using their small hands ,with these sticks, children can vary their music sound according to their fun or performance, either high or low. Toote tüüp: Muud tööriistad Vaata täielik kirjeldus Garantii Tagastame raha, kui kaupa ei toimetata kohale 70 päeva jooksul pärast makse sooritamist.

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Kirjutage meile 30 päeva jooksul pärast paki kättesaamist! Tühistamise korral tagastatakse raha kontole 14 päeva jooksul. Sarnased tooted.

This pair of rhythm sticks made of wood is appropriate to teach your child about the rhythm. Easy to hold and durable, the sound produced by them is more crisp.